“Control your own destiny or someone else will.” – Jack Welch

Financial and Insurance Realities with DiBrina Group

Actions Don’t Speak, They Move.

And that’s why we work with our clients to take informed financial action. We make sure that your big goals and dreams are safe, so that you can make them even bigger.


Knowledgeable Team of Experts

When you come to us with specific concerns about getting the most out of your assets, we have the capability of addressing them.


Up To Date

In addition to our in-house team, we maintain close working relationships with tax advisors, lawyers, actuaries and accountants that keep us at the forefront of government regulations.



In-house Tax Specialist

Tax implications surrounding the creation of assets are significant and are often the single largest drain on wealth. Our tax specialist will ensure your estate and business will preserve it’s value over time.



Customized Client Action Plans

We will work with you to structure an action plan that will minimize taxes at many levels, including smoother inter-generational transfer of assets.

There Are Many Ways To Optimize Your Wealth.

Insurance and estate planning services are primarily oriented around protecting what’s important to you-protecting your business, your family, your wealth and yourself. None of these are minor issues, and every situation is different. We have assembled a team that are not only experts, but are career veterans that can handle your insurance and estate planning issues with skill and precision.


Estate planning
that ensures your estate is handled in a tax efficient manner while preserving your assets as wealth is transferred between generations.


Buy-Sell agreements
which will protect your business interests and ensure the continuity of ownership if another business owner cannot continue in the business.


Life insurance
to protect those you value most, when you’re no longer with them.


Financial planning
to ensure that you leverage your assets, and that you have a cohesive plan that optimizes your wealth and risk management concerns.


Corporate restructuring
to provide guidance and optimization for risk management, tax optimization and business continuity.


Trust planning
to help you plan the protection and succession of wealth.


Tax planning
to minimize undue tax exposure.


Disability insurance
to offset your earnings in the event you are unable to perform your duties in your business.


Critical illness insurance
that will provide you the funds you need in the event of major illness.


Business loan insurance
that will ensure the partial or complete repayment of critical business loans in the event that you are unable to, due to unexpected circumstances.

Protect your big goals and dreams so that you can make them even bigger.

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Meet Your Team

Uncommon Financial Management Knowledge

If you are looking for results look no further than our team of experienced professionals. We will take the time to listen to what is most important to you and only then come back to you with plans and strategies that will ensure your success. “Actions don’t speak, they move”


Michael DiBrina
Managing Partner


Nick Georgakopoulos
Director- Tax & Estate Planning




We Are Responsive

We understand the world moves at a very fast pace and we ensure that our service delivery exceeds the responsiveness our clients deserve and demand.


We Have A Personalized Approach

Understanding our clients’ needs is always at the forefront of everything we do. Their happiness is our success.


We Are Helpful & Caring

Our passion to assist our clients in achieving their corporate & personal goals is clearly demonstrated by our dedication & commitment to excellence.